Kevin has built his career around brands. As a designer, writer and creative director he has worked with many of the best companies and people in the industry. And as a Chief Creative Officer and CEO, he has overseen work for some of the country’s most memorable brands: “America Runs on Dunkin’,” “It’s not TV. It’s HBO.,” “Visa. It’s Everywhere You Want to Be.”

It was during his work as a Chief Creative Officer, and in working with many of the country’s best and brightest in the franchise community that Kevin developed his passion for growing franchise businesses through transformative brand building. This passion led Kevin to become a franchisee himself with American Family Care, the country’s largest independently owned urgent care network.

Kevin’s experience as the creator of some of the most recognized franchise brands, coupled with his first-hand knowledge of the franchisee experience has gained him a unique perspective on how branding can transform franchised companies at every level of their organization. In 2017, he co-founded Garrand Moehlenkamp, a full-service branding agency focused on creating Craveable Brands for franchised and F&B companies.

He is now focused on helping other brand leaders realize the potential of their brand and the impact it can have on their business. Hitting shelves in Summer 2023 is the new book he’s authored, Baking up a Craveable Brand: How Dunkin’ runs on brand and why your company should, too.

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